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Overview of us.
TIEMTHUYSINH.COM was established on September 7, 2020. Currently, our store is operating mainly in the city area. Ho Chi Minh and some provinces in southern Vietnam. We trade, distribute equipment related to Aquatic, ornamental fish, ornamental shrimp. also receives advice and installation of indoor and outdoor aquariums. Installation and construction of koi aquariums, indoor arowanas, cafes, restaurants, hotels.

Our desire is to bring nature closer to you, helping your life become really relaxing and comfortable after hours of hard work. We always work with the philosophy of “aquatic for life”, that’s why our products are always simple, easy to use but also very beautiful for our customers.


Wholesale and retail trade in aquatic products and ornamental fish:
TIEMTHUYSINH.COM always has a full range of items such as aquariums, aquarium lights, water filters of all kinds, oxygen generators for fish, water pumps, co2 gas systems for aquatic plants. Accessories related to aquatic life such as cuttings, plants, manure, bonsai, moss are provided by at the most stable prices in the market.

Except for some special items, all products sold by TIEMTHUYSINH.COM have a warranty from 3 to 12 months for customers.

Install aquarium fish, koi fish tank, arowana fish:
With the philosophy of “aquatic for life”, we will advise and absorb the opinions of customers to install aquariums and fish tanks for customers. After that, there will be many specific care instructions for customers.

Consulting services, opening shops selling ornamental fish and aquatic accessories nationwide.
With experiences from building stores, taking care of fish, and building brands in the industry. TIEMTHUYSINH.COM will fulfill your dream of opening a store. We support store design, branding from zero for you. If you have passion and desire to do business in this field.



TIEMTHUYSINH.COM is trying to create the most beautiful aquariums and aquariums for customers.
We also focus on the distribution of aquatic accessories, to ensure the best price for you.
To create a development community, we always support newcomers and give dedicated help.
We, TIEMTHUYSINH.COM will strive constantly to create the best products for customers.